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BACK ON TRACK: 'Living with Covid-19 plan'

24th February 2022

The Government has made Covid related policy changes- 'Living with Covid-19'. Covid-19 continues to be a virus we learn to live with. Our professional governing body, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists via Public Health England, still state that healthcare premises should use appropriate infection control and continue with facemarks with an anticipated review in April 2022. Therefore, I will be implementing the same infection control and ventilation and respectfully ask my clients continue to wear face masks unless exempt. If you have any cold or flu like symptoms I politely ask that you do not attend and postpone your appointment. I will be happy to rebook your appointment. 

Physiotherapy at Back on Track 

The Back on Track Sports Injury Clinics carry out assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of occupational and athletic injuries, aches and pains including: Runner’s knee, Jumper’s knee, anterior knee pain, patella tendinitis, tendonopathy, achilles tendinopathy, groin strain, adductor strain, tennis elbow, sportsman’s hernia, quadricep strain, osteitis pubis, ankle sprains and strains, ACL reconstruction, conservative management of ACL rupture, muscle haematoma, golfer’s elbow, repetitive strain injuries, plantar fasciitis, injury prevention, back pain, neck pain, rotator cuff strain, shoulder impingement, calcific tendonitis, disc herniation, discectomy, exercise prescription, pilates, sports specific rehabilitation, prehab, post fracture rehabilitation, total knee replacement, total hip replacement, shoulder replacement, shin splints, compartment syndrome, stress fracture, core stability, MCL strain, frozen shoulder. Make an appointment to find out more.

Our Prices

Initial consultation
£55.00up to 45 mins*

This will be the first time to Back on Track, or you may be a returning client with a new issue. This is 45minutes dedicated to your joint, muscle, painful area. 

Follow-up appointment
£45.0030 minutes*

This will be your retuning visit. We will administer more treatment and possibly review your plan to make sure you are happy and on board. 

Telehealth Video Call
£45.00up to 30 minutes*

Telehealth was born in the Covid lockdowns and is here to stay! This is an excellent option if you cannot make it into clinic, self-isolating, stuck in the office or at home without childcare. 

*Please allow 24hrs notification if you cannot make your appointment.

Our testimonials

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I heard about Jo from a friend at work, so when I started cycling again this year and having some pain in my knees I thought I would see if phsyio cou


There have been many occasion over the last 10 years + where Jo has been able to get rid of my pain, get me functioning again as a high level netballe


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