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Useful websites and articles

Chartered Society of Physiotherapists
Live Long, Live well! Here you will find an easy exercise guide

Arthritis UK
Here you will find lots of helpful advice regarding arthritis, support groups and useful education.

Royal Osteoporosis Society

The Royal Osteoporosis Society is a UK's charity dedicated to bone health and osteoporosis. They will support and offer advice. 

Hypermobility is best viewed on a spectrum and often not a problem. In fact it can be very beneficial in some sports such as dancing and ballet. This website is a charity that provides information and advice.

The Society of Sports Therapists Injury Management Guidelines
An interactive document for acute injury

Physios in Sport
Detailed PDF of ice applications for acute soft tissue injuries

Escape pain

Enabling Self-management and Coping with Arthritic Pain using Exercise


Explain Pain by Lorimer Mosely

Tame the beast- It's time to rethink persistent pain. A short YouTube clip on persistent pain.  

The Pain ToolKit 

Helping people all over the world manage their persistent pain. A website with lots of resources and handy guides to help you understand your pain better. 

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